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Established in 1974, “Permuth y Asociados” is among the most prestigious names in the legal profession in Guatemala, having successfully handled various of the most relevant and publicized cases in the country.

The firm focuses its practice in traditional areas of the law, such as civil, commercial, administrative and family law; specializing also in other areas such as estate planning, probates, intellectual property and real estate, among others.

During the armed conflict, the firm actively participated in the negotiation of the Guatemalan Peace Process, as well as in the drafting of the various agreements that culminated in the Guatemalan Peace Accord.

Our Team

This is our legal team

Mario Permuth

Founding Partner Attorney At Law, San Carlos University (Guatemala, 1974)
Member of the National Reconciliation Commission (CNR)
Member of the Peace Commission (COPAZ)
Ambassador at Large

Cónsul of Barbados

Rebeca Permuth de Sabbagh

Partner Attorney at Law, Francisco Marroquín University (Guatemala, 1997)
LLM, Harvard Law School (Cambridge; MA, 1999)

President Jewish Community of Guatemala

Igal Permuth

Partner Attorney at Law, Francisco Marroquín University (Guatemala, 1999)
Masters in Notarial Law, Mariano Galvez University (Guatemala, 2012)

Viceconsul of Barbados

Flor Reyes

Associate Attorney at Law, Universidad San Carlos (Guatemala, 2019).

Emilia Carolina Cabrera Rosito

Associate Attorney at Law, San Carlos University (Guatemala 2001)

Tito Marroquín

Associate Attorney at Law, San Carlos University (Guatemala, 1991)

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